Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Arne Jacobsen's Drop chair

Let me start by telling you that I'm very thankful to all my dear followers on Pinterest that helped me reach 50.000 followers yesterday ! Thank you so much.

I started 'to pin' in 2013 and I still love doing it. To me it's a perfect platform to get inspired, develop wonderful creative ideas and push my personal creative limites.

Today I found some great styling photos of the Drop chair on Pinterest. After more than 50 years the Drop chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 is relauched by Republic of Fritz Hansen. Such a great decision by Rebublic of Fritz Hansen, don't you agree? 

You've got to love this small chair with a big personality and contemporary fresh design. It's one of my favourite chairs at this moment. 

Credits and special thanks to

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dutch Design Week 2014 | UP

UP it certainly was, the theme of the Dutch Design week, this year. 

Together with a team of inspiring bloggers I was liveblogging from the Pop-up Bloggerscafe at Coffeelovers in the Centre of Eindhoven yesterday about the Dutch Design Week. I can tell you it's hard 'to blog' surrounded by a team of cosy chatting bloggers... 

This Pop-up Bloggerscafe is created by the talented Lonneke Bubblemint who did a great job organizing this exciting concept and taking care of us together with our sweet teamleader Suzanne de Jong from the blog ENSUUS.

To see everything the Dutch Design Week offers is almost impossible. There are 400 events at 86 locations. 
Thanks to some tips and after a delicious Latte Macchiato we decided to start our 'bloggers tour' at the Design Academy Graduation Show in the Center Area of Eindhoven. A must see if you are going to the Dutch Design Week and still possible to admire until this Sunday October 26.
Joel Booy - Dark Matter Light Collection

Joel Booy | Dank Matter

Simon Beckmann | Silent Space

After the creative environment of young Dutch talent we, Franca of VillaDesta and Marij of Enter My Attic, took one of the called Design Rides: Free taxis that take you from one location to another to go to the industrial and trade Strijp Area to visit Piet Hein Eek. 

At Piet Hein Eek, known for his scrapwood furniture, situated in a former Philips factory building, you could see a lot of temporary and permanent exibitions of Dutch Designers and of course I needed to admire Piet Hein Eeeks new collection. 
Masterpieces of the Rijksmuseum printed on stools | Piet Hein Eek

Lotty Lindeman & Wouter Scheublin
Mae Engelgeer blanket

Refin Ceramiche tiles

De Luchtpost
Left with too little time we went walking back to the bloggerscafe and have briefly looked at the Schellensfabriek Area.
Schellensfabriek area
I recommend to everyone to go over here and admire the talented Dutch Designers. For me it was a great fun experience with a super friendly bloggers team and a top organization thanks to Lonneke Bubble Mint and Suzanne de Jong. Thank you very much. I went home thinking about all those beautiful impressions.
Pop-up Bloggerscafe Coffee Lovers at bookstore Van Pierre

Useful Links:

Design Academy Eindhoven
Bloggersteam who blogged with me :
Organizer Pop-up Bloggerscafe | Lonneke Bubblemint
teamleader Suzanne de Jong Ensuus
Marij Hessel  Enter My Attic 
Franca de Jonge  VillaDesta
Stephanie Koster  Coosje 
Martine Vianen Viamartine
Milou Nieuwenhuis  Van het Kastje naar de Muur
Cindy Keur  More Than Living 
Robine Stender  Actproductions 
Karlijn van der Wijk  Wonderlicht 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dutch Design Week | DDW Bloggerscafé

From the 18 to October 26 2014 the Dutch Design Week is for the thirteenth time the stage for Dutch design. The DDW is the largest design event in the Netherlands. What can you expect? Smart solutions, inventive design and new perspectives. At the DDW you can visit 3 design area's, 80 locations, 400 events, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

I'm very exited to tell you that I've been invited to the #DDW14 ! Together with a group of talented Dutch interior bloggers I will be live blogging at the Dutch Design Week from the DDW Bloggers Cafe on Friday the 24th. You can find the cafe called Coffee Lovers (below the bookstore Van Piere) on the Nieuwe Emma Singel 44 in the center of Eindhoven. I would love it if you could come by and meet us !

The Live Bloggers on October the 24th of our team are : 

teamleader Suzanne de Jong Ensuus
Marij Hessel  Enter My Attic 
Franca de Jonge  VillaDesta
Stephanie Koster  Coosje 
Martine Vianen Viamartine
Milou Nieuwenhuis  Van het Kastje naar de Muur
Cindy Keur  More Than Living 
Robine Stender  Actproductions 
Karlijn van der Wijk  Wonderlicht 

Read all about the official DDW Bloggers Cafe here

'In the online world giving ’likes’ has become a daily habit of most people. Your ’like’ shows respect and values your discoveries online. It’s cool to receive likes, but by giving likes you’re also inspiring others to discover new things.
The DDW Pop-Up Bloggerscafe is built around this theme. From here, influential bloggers share their likes both online (on social media) and offline (with like-stickers on a big DDW Area-wall). This map will show you exactly where you need to go!' (quoted of the DDW website) This wonderful concept is created by Lonneke Bubblemint.

Read much more about it on the blogs: ENSUUS (Suzanne) Bubblemint (Lonneke) Zilverblauw (Anki) and Urbanmams (Esther).
www.ddw.nlwww.facebook.com/dutchdesignweek@dutchdesignweek, #DDW14